Which plug adaptor do I need when travelling from Azerbaijan to Ukraine?

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The table below summarises the plug types, voltage and frequency of electrical current in both Azerbaijan and Ukraine.

Plug TypesCC, F
Frequency of electrical current50Hz50Hz

Plug Adaptors

Azerbaijan uses Plug Type C.

Your Appliance has Plug Type C

In Ukraine there's more than one socket type in use.

You will need this adaptor:

Socket Type C
to Plug Type F

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Ukraine also uses Socket Type C, which is used in Azerbaijan. If using an appliance that has a Type C Plug in the Type C Sockets of Ukraine, you will not need an adaptor.

Good to know


The voltage found in Azerbaijan and Ukraine is exactly the same (220V). You will not need a transformer.

Frequency of Electrical Current

The frequency found in Azerbaijan and Ukraine is exactly the same (50Hz). Timing devices and appliances that use motors will function as expected under this frequency.

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